About Just So Dellish

Hello, welcome to Just So Dellish! You may be asking – Why Just So Dellish? Is this blog all about food i.e. using the word delish – delicious? Yes and No. I write food reviews or I am a  food critic if you want to put it that way. But then my world is not just about food, I am also into all sorts of stuff like Lifestyle – Beauty and Wellness, Travel Stories, and many more. All about Dell. Dellish.

My name is Della (and a lot call me Bella – I don’t mind at all) and this is my world in a nutshell. Della means Noble in English and German, and in Greek it is Delphine – and as much as this deity had an important role in Greek Mythology aka God of Dolphins, I’d rather remain as simply Della and yes for others who insist – Bella 🙂

I love to read a lot and I also love to write about anything that my heart and mind fancies. I am a foodographer, a zomatoer, a lifestyler, and artist (yes I paint) and I am also a travel writer. Most of the words I just said may not make sense to you, ikr but those are coined words to simply put who I am.

My other roles in life are – a wife, a mother, a sister to 3 lovely ladies, and a dutiful daughter, and a good friend to a lot of people, not necessarily in that order. I used to belong to the corporate world until I figured I was spending more time on the road – traffic – than doing what I was being paid for, looking more haggard as the days went by till I said enough! Leaping into freelancing doing virtual assistance and ghost writing made me happier (for a few years), then I thought – why don’t I just write for myself? I earned very well while freelancing but it didn’t produce the kind of satisfaction that I was having when I write as myself.

And so here I am, an expat, living away from home. I get homesick but I’m one of the few fortunate ones who are able to come home every few months. Rather than dwell on my being homesick, I started to write more. My job fortunately allows me to enjoy a balanced work/life existence. Whenever I write, I want you to see what I am looking at, what I am tasting, to get the same experience even if you are just sitting there reading this. Makes sense? For some people the answer maybe no. But for me, I know that it matters specially to those who aren’t able to have the same experience, to share and be with me in my journey through the stories that I share.

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What do I get from blogging? I know some bloggers/writers monetize their site and nothing wrong with that. In this, there are no financial rewards, I don’t ask for payments from the food reviews that I write, I don’t ask for ex-deals, I don’t ask for freebies.  I most often spend (90%) for the reviews that I make. If something is offered or wholeheartedly given I accept (who doesn’t). But this doesn’t compromise my credibility as a writer/reviewer. I can’t say that the apple tasted great when it tasted like pineapple. Did you get what I mean?  If you want to know more why I blog, you can read it here.

Aside from food reviews and writing stories, what else do I do? If I am not dabbling into my painting, then I must be gardening, or I must be cooking. I’m passionate about cooking. I love doing it for friends and family. A lot of my friends don’t know that I didn’t even know how to cook rice before. But I’m very satisfied with how they react to whatever I bring on potlucks and how we come home with empty pans and cauldrons.

What else do I like? I mentioned that I write travel stories and I would love to travel and travel and see more of the world if budget and time permits. Now you know.

What makes me weird? I thrive more when multitasking. The more I do a variety of stuff in one sitting the more I produce better results as compared to just doing one thing.  If I need to write, I have to do it while I watch TV while I cook. Yeah that’s me.  Haha. Also, I like to scare my self silly. I absolutely love watching horror movies, read horror stories..and then be afraid to get water in the middle of the night.

I guess that’s enough of about mes. If you want to know more, click here.

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