Nurai Restaurant Cafe Dubai

It was a pleasure to be invited by Nurai Restaurant Café to try their dishes. I really did not know anything about them as I am based in Abu Dhabi.  But then it was also a great visit as we frequently visit Dubai having family there.  Whenever I make restaurant reviews I seldom look them up because I want to have an open and fresh approach and not have any kind of expectation. It helps me to provide a more objective review.  I want to review them on an as is, where is basis. So off we went to Dubai to see what they offer.

Nurai Restaurant Cafe is located in the Business Bay in Dubai.  Wide spacious road greeted us and being post holiday there was not much traffic on the road. In the midst of skyscrapers and the bay we found Nurai Restaurant Cafe. Parking was through valet and they charge 15dhs.

We were greeted warmly by their staff and the manager Mr.Charbel. The first thing that you will notice is their awesome interior.  It is one of the best that I have ever seen.  The place was divided into different levels, none smoking, smoking and VIP smoking. Though Nurai had different levels, you can’t help but notice that there was still this very much open aura making it spacious and a perfect place for claustrophobics.

Nurai Restaurant Cafe is a modern Mediterranean / Lebanese inspired restaurant which caters to the international market. As we know Dubai is frequented by tourists and expats alike. Being in the Business Bay it can be expected for businessmen and office workers to plop in post work and enjoy the lovely ambiance and delicious mouth watering dishes. They do have outside seating arrangement where you can watch boats go by and with the nearby Burj Khalifa and other skyscrapers looming beyond.

Dragon Salad

For starters we ordered the Dragon Salad which is one of Nurai’s best sellers. It is not even in their menu, BUT most of those who frequent the place already know what to ask for. A combination of Iceberg lettuce, sweet corn, crispy chicken, tortilla chips, cajun spices and avocado slices. This healthy mix can almost fill you up. I love the sweetish tangy taste which makes the salad very refreshing. So be sure to ask for it when you visit Nurai Restaurant Café.

Nurai House Combo

Then we had Nurai House Combo. It’s a mix of spring rolls, stromboli garlic bread, calamari rings, mozarella sticks, chicken tenders, breaded shrimps and twister fries served with sauce. I preferred the honey mustard sauce over the tartar one.

Mixed Grill

Well as if I wasn’t almost full to the brim, next came the Mixed Grill with skewers of beef and chicken, kafta, some grilled veggies and humous. We also tasted the very juicy boneless char grilled chicken, with coleslaw, pickles and fries. What I liked with the chicken and the other grills was that they were grilled and baked into perfection, I consider it well cooked if there’s no oozing blood and if i can still recognize the dishes despite it being grilled. Trust me, I have been to places where they grilled the meat into oblivion -as if you were being served meat that turned into charcoal. The Spicy Potato with Corriander, a crunchy pan-fried potato mixed with garlic and fresh coriander was also a delight.

Lemon Mint



Aside from all the ones mentioned, they also have light meals for those who watch what they eat, combo sandwhiches, platters and a lot more. Surely one will find something that fits their discerning palate.

We ordered the Lemon Mint which has a refreshing take on lemonade, it was like a frozen lemonade with the minty twist. I tried the Strawberry Mojito, one of their specialties and all I could say was – Oh My! This is the bomb.

And lastly, the dessert. We were served with Profiteroles with Ice Cream. This is Nurai Restaurant Cafe’s tribute to the nearby Burj Khalifa which seems to be watching over the whole area.

Aint this a beauty?


Profiteroles and ice Cream



All in all the food tasting was a delightful experience.  The service was beyond what one would expect. We were well taken cared off and we were happy by the taste and presentation of the food. There are many restaurants serving grilled food but if you want something that you will truly enjoy, then you must go this way by the Business Bay whenever in Dubai.


Whether the restaurant derived its name from the Turkish word Nurai meaning “born under the bright moon” or “white moon” or from the Arabic word Nur which means “light”, it will surely be a sight to behold to sit outside once the weather improves.


For now we can content ourselves with magnificent ambiance, great food, superb service, and the view from beyond.

Rating: Total of 5

Ambiance – 5

Taste and Presentation – 5

Cost – it was complimentary. But the prices in the menu was very much reasonable.

Service – Hands up 5!



West Wharf Tower, Abraj Street, Business Bay, Dubai

Phone Numbers

04 3679980

Table booking recommended


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