The Truth About Eating Eggs

Eggs. To eat or not to eat. How do you feel eating breakfast without eggs? The normal breakfast usually consists of a toast, coffee and an egg. Would you enjoy eating bacon without eggs? What about an omelet made of egg whites? Well for the average person this may all seem weird.

Remember when you were a kid and your parents said that one must eat an egg every day to keep the doctor away. Then suddenly some studies show that eating an egg a day increased your cholesterol every day. Then now Harvard School of Public health says that yes egg contains a lot of cholesterol but some important nutrients in the egg actually lessens the chances of getting heart disease. So which is which?

Yes this is a very confusing question. Whatever has been said about eating eggs are now all in the past. We can always argue as to what our parents said, then what the doctors said some years back, but what’s important is the most recent development on how safe is it to eat an egg every day.

Some nutrients found in the egg yolk plus vitamins B12 and vitamin D, riboflavin, folate and of course protein are said to reduce the chances of a person to have heart illness. According to some recent studies, a healthy person can even eat an egg once a day and this will not increase the risk of getting heart disease. Based on the Harvard study, this can actually be a part of a healthy diet.

So you must be thinking that whoa! I can enjoy sunny side up eggs every day! Hold your reins though. As much as this seems to be good news especially for those who love to eat eggs, there is another study which says eating eggs is almost as bad as smoking. The study specifically says eating egg yolks build up plaque in the arteries. This is already comparable to those found from people who smoke cigarettes. Though the study was conducted with a specific group in North America, we still cannot just take it for granted.

What’s scary about this is this plaque buildup can eventually lead to a condition called atherosclerosis. Once your arteries accumulate plaque as white blood cells and the bad cholesterol or LDL, over time, as this continue to goes on, it will lead to this condition. Though poor diet and exercise plays a big factor, plus blood pressure, still, if eating an egg yolk a day will lead to illness, and then this should definitely not be overlooked. Just imagine the risks to developing this condition are now almost the same as smoking and eating an egg.

But if you are to look at the study from Harvard School of Public Health, it said that a ‘healthy’ person can eat an egg a day. That means somebody who observes proper diet, good hygiene, sufficient exercise and probably one who has medical checkup regularly. And with the emergence of the Keto diet where eating egg is encouraged to help lose weight and stay in the keto zone, it all depends on which story you believe in. For me, I can eat eggs everyday of my life and I won’t even get bored.

I guess the best answer to this confusing issue whether to eat an egg or not to eat is the same answer to who came in existence first, was it the chicken or the egg?