Interviewing Chef Guneet Bindra of India Palace


I was privileged to be invited to one of India Palace’s launch of their new Khansama Menu. Accordingly, this menu is one befitting royalty. Naturally I got curious about how elaborate they must have prepared the dishes which included its presentation and all the works. I asked if it is possible to talk to the man behind this, well rather I subtly ambushed an interview from Chef Guneet Bindra, the Corporate Executive Chef of SFC Group LLC.

The very accommodating gentleman greeted me with a smile and immediately agreed to my request. Punjabi-born Chef Guneet  was UK based prior to joining India Palace. His diverse experiences include working with prime Indian restaurants / F& B/ Hotel establishments in India, Nepal, Papua New Guinea and the UK. He’s certainly gone a long way since his start with Bukhara Maurya Sheraton from the ITC Hotels group in New Delhi India.

      Chef is now the Corporate Executive Chef of SFC Group LLC and part of his       job is to  rebrand and introduce new menus for India Palace. He is                     also the responsible for creating and implementing their  Master recipe             manual.

For someone like him who had been given an Appreciation letter for serving U.S President and who was also a part of the Chef Team serving dignitaries like Bill Gates, Vladimir Putin etc serving us this Khansama MasterChef Delicacy – indeed, eating at one of the restaurants where he is working at now made us feel like royalty. 🙂

I asked what his secret was in making his Khansama menu for India Palace, meals befitting royalty, specially the Sultan-e-Gosht. His secret is very basic.. Using only the freshest ingredients, preparing the dish with love and care with his own hands, and using only premium Saffron in this recipe. Sometimes simplicity is best. I must say that for such an award winning chef known in the industry Chef Guneet is a very humble man.