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With my decision to be proactive on lifestyle change – yes this includes healthy eating – I  have been on the prowl for healthier options for some time now. I have also tried some  alternatives to what I’m used to eating.   Its a good thing that there’s Natural Kitchen who introduced me to what they offer.  Natural Kitchen started way back in 2014 influenced by the fast paced lifestyle of the London food scene where the creators were based prior to Abu Dhabi. Their mission is simple – To Deliver honest Food. 

Their delivery service will make it easier for me to stick to my plan.  See when you go to the mall and plan on eating healthy, you can get a little bit distracted with the smell of food wafting in the air and most of you will agree with me.  One major reason to choose Natural Kitchen is simple, you  don’t have to stuff yourself with – just greens.  Natural Kitchen offers a variety of dishes on their menu. I’m happy to share my most recent experience with them. I just selected a few because I’m a little bit skeptic with the word natural, organic, healthy – most of them taste BLAH.

What I ordered:

Chicken Burrito 46.50AED

Beef Burrito 50.50AED

Carbonara 49.00AED

Shrimps Tempura with Spicy Mayo Dip 24.00AED

Rejuvenate Smoothie 22.00AED

Carrot 14.00AED

Fat Burner 23.00AED

My review: Average of 5

Taste and Presentation 5 :  All I can say is – I didn’t know that healthy food can taste THIS good. The pasta (Carbonara) was Al Dente, Creamy and I enjoyed it a lot. I know that the Burrito contained healthy ingredients but it tasted as good as the one you get from Mexican restaurants. The Shrimps Tempura with the Spicy Mayo dip was absolutely a surprise. It was crunchy and very tasty and a perfect pair to the Spicy Mayo Dip. I also got those Nachos and I actually forgot to eat them till the day after and I was pleasantly surprised that it was good as if it just came out of the oven. Still very crunchy and non-oily. And we come to the smoothie – drinks – I loved the flavors I ordered. The Fat burner was kinda Berry-ish and I’m all for it. I can even drink it everyday and I wont get tired of it. The Rejuvenate Smoothie was very refreshing. 

Price 5 : The prices are very reasonable. Considering the sizes or portion, it was almost good for three. The serving was more than enough.

Delivery 5 : Ordering was easy and the delivery was on the dot. I was expecting it at 7PM and it arrived 10 minutes earlier.

And YES for me, they have fulfilled their promise which is to provide quality, healthy food in a responsible yet affordable way.

For more information you can contact them on the details below.

Phone number

02 4182478


Building 7, Marina Square, Al Reem Island, Abu Dhabi

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