The Coffee Club Al Bateen Abu Dhabi

Located in Marsa Al Bateen, The Coffee Club is a place to go to if you are looking for great coffee with an ambiance. And what an ambiance it is! You get to see the Al Bateen Marina, with the yachts and skyscrapers in the nearby background. This promenade is lined with dining and retail outlets and you won’t get tired coming back again and again until you’ve exhausted the long list of fine dining places here.

How did The Coffee Club start? In 1989 the founders of The Coffee Club Emmanuel Kokoris and Emmanuel Drivas were in search of good coffee in Brisbane City, Australia.  They didn’t find anything decent and this led to them seizing the opportunity. So now we have The Coffee Club where people meet for coffee. The rest is history.

So yesterday hubby asked if I wanted to have breakfast outside. And if you know me better, I won’t say no. Off we drove to Al Bateen, stopping first at that place where you could buy fresh seafood (it is the Marina area of course) and got my load of crabs and shrimps for my home cooked meal later tonight.

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Initially we thought of getting our breakfast al fresco. However, it seems we were too late for the early morning sun and decided to just go inside The Coffee Club. What a delight it was. I loved the ambiance and decors, it looked cozy, good for families, friends or even dating couples – like me and my husband. I was so enthralled with the coffee shops design that I started taking photos even before I ordered anything.


We ordered the Long Cafe Latte to start with. Mind you their coffees are UTZ certified – better farming; better future. UTZ is the largest certification program in the world for sustainable coffee benefiting more than 500,000 farmers and workers. Well if that’s the case then I am happy with our choice for breakfast place for today. The coffee was earthy and tasted great.


Then we ordered The Big Breakfast. They only use certified organic eggs. This means the hens or the happy chicks lived in clean and great condition and only ate 100% natural organic feeds. This process ensures that we are eating eggs that’s naturally rich with amino acids and vitamins and minerals that are good for our health. The Big Breakfast had cumberland sausages, veal bacon, button mushrooms, and choice of egg.

We also had the Spanish Potato Hash. It came with sliced chorizos, potato and poached egg. I loved the egg and the chorizo, though the potato and the bread tasted almost the same, a little bit oily for my taste but it tasted ok.

Verdict:  The food tasted fine, loved the poached egg and the fact that the server asked me how I wanted my eggs. The veal bacon would taste better if it was crispier, just a suggestion. Coffee was great, nothing to complain about. As mentioned, my potatoes and bread was a bit too oily for my taste. The staff were attentive to our needs. They made a mistake about our omelette but it was fine, can be avoided though. The prices were a bit steep.. All in all it was a pleasant breakfast at The Coffee Club which can definitely be improved.

Overall Rating : 3.5

Ambiance: 5

Service: 4

Taste and Presentation: 3

Cost of Food: 3


Other Info on The Coffee Club

Phone number

02 2221266


Opening hours

7:30 AM to 11 PM


Unit 3, Al Bateen Wharf Retail & East Marina, Near Central Bank Marsa, Al Bateen, Abu Dhabi

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Wheelchair Accessible


No Alcohol Available




Outdoor Seating


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