Keki Japanese Bakery Abu Dhabi

Have you been at Keki’s in Al Bateen? If not, then go and check. I know most of those who’ve been there only tried their Japanese Cheesecake but yes they do have a breakfast menu and that – we’re going to try later.

For now let’s talk about their lovely Japanese Cheesecake. Yeah, the wiggling one!

The decor and ambiance is very cute, reminiscent of a Japanese doll house. Though we have sweltering heat in Abu Dhabi, the cool mix of colors and decorations makes you feel like you are sitting under a cherry blossoms tree.

Upon entering the place we were immediately greeted by Winnie who introduced us to their variety of pastries.

We decided to order what we originally came here for. The Classic Japanese Cheesecake and the Choco variant. We also ordered one blueberry pastry as well as coffee.


The Japanese cheesecakes were oh so fluffy, wiggly and eggy. Apparently you have to ask for the fresh off the oven one if you want it to be wiggly. All are freshly baked yet you have to get it straight out of if you want that runny kind of cake. The staff gave me a complimentary one when I mentioned that the one I had didn’t wiggle as much. 🙂

Both variant were perfect for the coffee. It was strong with a distinct flavor. I hate it when the coffee tastes like filter wash or as if they already made the 100th cup from one filter. But this one is different. You’d definitely get your dose of caffeine.

But then what is a Japanese cheesecake? How is it different from a regular cheesecake?

Japanese cheesecake vs. NY/Euro cheesecakes

  • more egg whites so it’s fluffier
  • crustless more like a souffle or sponge cake
  • lesser cream cheese  results to a subtler taste


Will definitely come back for more and as suggested will try to taste the other items in their menu. This is a MUST VISIT specially when you are in the area of Al Bateen. A relaxing place where you can while your own time as you sip coffee or green tea (I wish) under your own Sakura tree.

Rating: Total of 4

Ambiance: 4

Service: 4.5

Price: 3.5

Taste and Presentation: 4

Other Details about Keki

Phone number

02 3093999


Opening hours

11 AM to 8 PM


Gate No 1,Al Bateen Park, Al Bateen, Abu Dhabi

More Info


Table booking not available


No Alcohol Available


Desserts and Bakes

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