Relaxation with That Vanilla Moment


You wake up and your senses refuse to cooperate, even the smell of freshly brewed coffee can’t lure you out of bed…Think… can’t stay cocooned forever inside your duvet right? Tempted to stay true to your fitness goals, yet maybe today is not the time.

A girl is indeed entitled to ‘one of those days’ just for the ‘just that’ reason.

I ran into the shower daring myself to veer against the dopey sleepy mode that I am in. Thank goodness for warm water on such a chilly day! I reach for the shower gel and I smell heaven! I am sure I am still alive yet I can definitely smell butter balls, that sweet round candy that I just enjoyed sucking on as a little girl till it softens and crumbles to bite size pieces. The child in me awakens. I think of playing in the rain.

Vanilla, how I love the sweet sweet scent of vanilla. Brings you warm childhood memories of vanilla infused ice cream and cakes. Relaxing, intoxicating. I stayed in the shower till my toes almost wrinkled from too much water.

And then the warm bed beckons, asking me to come back …


Yes, I jumped right back in and enjoyed my vanilla comfort moments.  Nobody can spoil my moods now.