Will Smoking Really Kill You?

Up to this day I really can’t understand the concept of smoking. I feel as if you are sucking on a roll of paper and exposing yourself to the smell of tobacco. Others who smoke actually claim that smoking relieves stress and it gives them a sort of euphoria stage. Some claim that smoking curbs off hunger and helps them to lose weight. Whatever joy smoking gives you, is it enough to risk the ill effects of smoking?

You’ll be shocked to see that in some countries like Singapore or the UK for example, the cigarette packaging there is labeled with statutory warnings. It says “smoking kills”. On the front part of the cigarette packs you will see its brand and on the other side, you’ll see that there is a lung image that supposedly insinuates that you die of miserable death when you smoke. Whew, so graphic don’t you think?

Standardised packaging for cigarettes (Action on Smoking and Health/PA)

Studies have consistently shown that smoking can kill you day by day. The more you increase the number of cigarette sticks, the more your chances of getting sick is. Smoking is linked to the development of cancer to the lungs, heart disease. Respiratory illnesses like emphysema, and even pneumonia. There are even findings to support the children of smokers who get exposed to the smoke may get SIDS or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. They are also prone to getting asthma, and they can also develop difficulties which affects mental and behavioral response.

Students have shown significant change when they were exposed to cigarette smoke, their attention span decreased and they have also exhibited lack of focus. Second hand smoke or what we call as Passive smoking is as lethal and hazardous as active smoking. Those who inhale side stream smoke whether in the office or at home faces the same kind of risk. This is also called ETS or Environmental Tobacco Smoke.

It is alarming to note that some of those who never smoked but were constantly getting exposed to cigarette smoke also developed smoke related respiratory illnesses and cancer. So If children and adults suffer from second hand smoke, what will happen then when a pregnant woman who carries a child in her womb keep on smoking while pregnant? Data shows that one in every five pregnant women still keep up with habitual smoking. It puts not just themselves to risk but as well as the unborn baby.

A published review by the journal Human Reproduction Update from the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology strongly links facial deformities and oral deformities to smoking while pregnant. The study also claims that there are nearly more than 170,000 findings on fetal abnormalities. Some pregnancy resulted to stillbirth and those who managed to survive, if they weren’t premature, others have developed limb deformities, some have gastrointestinal disorders, while some resulted to optical problems. So do we really want to risk the life of unborn babies?

Aside from those mentioned one of the most common problems of a person who smoke heavily is Artery lesions. It is already a sign of advancing cardiovascular disease. Just imagine, if this person who smokes heavily will also drink alcohol, the combination is lethal. The person will be exposed to the greatest probability of having heart illness. An unhealthy lifestyle coupled with drinking alcohol and partnered with smoking cigarettes is your fastest way to get a death certificate.

But then again…just wondering about those who died of lung cancer and they never smoked ….


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