Lazeez Indian Restaurant Abu Dhabi

“Delicious” –  in Urdu lazeez = “لذیذ”  

I honestly didn’t know what to expect when I accepted an invitation to visit Lazeez Indian Restaurant. In Abu Dhabi alone, there are about 700 plus North Indian and South Indian restaurants combined. Some are primary huge ones and others are holes in the wall. So what makes Lazeez different? I actually did not check them in Zomato – I wanted to be surprised so that I come with an open mind. I brought hubby along with me to this Hamdan Branch and upon seeing the facade of the establishment, I was pleasantly happy to see that it looked very nice from the outside, almost glittering. I looked forward then to what I’ll be seeing inside.

You see a meal for me is a complete package, the aura / ambiance, taste, presentation, smell, service and lastly the cost (in that order) are factors on how I decide whether or not I enjoyed a great meal taken in a restaurant. Otherwise I might just as well order or eat at home. Don’t you agree with me?

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We were met by one of their staff who promptly seated us and introduced the amiable  Mr.Sadiq Khan, Lazees General Manager. He has been with Lazeez’s since the restaurant started 4 years ago and was instrumental with the development of the whole concept together with its owners. They now have a second branch in the UAE located in Dubai.  Not knowing what to expect, I asked what type of cuisine did Lazeez specialized on. I have heard about North, South, Hyderabadi, and many more. Well it seems that Lazeez’s has taken pride in owning legacy of three regions famed for Royal Kitchens fit for kings and royalty! The heritage of Dumpukht, Awadhi and Lucknowi Cuisines passed on from generation to generations are Lazeez’s most prized treasure.  With the Dum Pukth cuisine, each recipe is cooked over slow fire to extract the pure taste and rich flavor hence the food is simmered on its own juices and intrinsic flavor. Very authentic. And I must say – this kind of cooking is healthy considering the fact that Indian dishes are quite rich with flavour and colors.

Quinoa Raisin Salad – a Lazees signature dish made of Quinoa, black and golden raisins and some lettuce, tomato, flavored with a hint of lemon juice. A very healthy way to start the meal.

We also tasted Papad, the crispy indian lentil pancake and they were so good (non-oily) matched with the pickles. and the mango-tamarind sauce that came with it.

While waiting for the rest of our food, I cant help but notice that the interior was finely furnished and it was very spacious. The place where we sat at can comfortably seat a family of about 24.


The other half portion of the ground floor can also accommodate about 50 more and the upstairs area can seat about 120 more people. I guess this place is perfect for a family, friends and even office gathering as they have rooms complete with amenities to ensure a great presentation.


We also had the mixed platter. It had succulent huge shrimps which tasted almost sweet from being fresh, hamour fish that were fresh off the catch, it had these chicken cooked into perfection – soft and juicy Murgh Kastoori Kabab  marinated with curd and flavoured with green fenugreek. Included in the platter were some meat portions as well.

Now came my favorite amongst all – the Buttered Chicken. IT IS to die for. but no I still want to eat this forever LOL. Absolutely a must. Smooth flavours blending in your tongue as you find pieces of succulent chicken. Just the sauce or gravy in itself was enough to fill me. And I will say it again and again, it was super delicious and didn’t have any aftertaste. Well interestingly I noticed that most if not all of the dishes that we have already tasted here at Lazeez did not have any aftertaste.

And as if we are not yet about to burst from our seams, this amazing Murgh Sultani  Biryani arrived. Another Lazeez signature dish.  Oh my! Just the presentation is enough to make you drool. Trust me. It was sealed with a bread covering, cooked in a clay pot, made of chicken, basmati rice, spices and all the works and served with raita. Another must try. But did you know that Lazeez has a huge variety of biryani? It’s like if you’re looking for Meat, chicken, or even lobster, and yes as far as a Salmon Quinoa biryani for the very health conscious – they have it.



Zafrani Rasmalai

For desserts, husband and I tried their Zafrani Rasmalai – dumplings of cottage cheese dipped in mildly sweetened saffron flavoured milk with some cardamon and pistachio flakes. We also tried the classic Gulab Jamun, which is a popular dessert all over India. Every region in India serves these khoya rounds (made of refined flour and mawa) deep fried in ghee and soaked in hot syrup garnished with some almonds and pistachio. These desserts were just perfect to end a meal. Not overly sweet. Just my kind of flavor.

Gulab Jamun

To drown all of these, we had this refreshingly delicious Grape Juice as well as the Blueberry smoothie which is inside a light bulb type of bottle. It was just so cute and yes it tasted great too.


I know they told me they do not specialize in tea or coffee but the coffee they made for us was simply delicious. You should try it when you come and visit Lazeez.

Here are some more photos to enjoy from our dining experience at Lazzez.

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I love the total experience of dining at Lazeez. From the time we entered until the time we left, you could feel that you are welcome and well taken cared off. And mind you, we were not the only ones whom they provided excellent service with. I saw how the manager as well as some staff go around and check on the needs of the other guests. The food tasted great, you could see that great care was taken in the preparation and conceptualization of the menu and dishes. A big PLUS is the fact that they have excellent exhaust. I did not leave the place smelling as if I was marinated in curry sauce, not that I don’t like but rather I prefer it stays on the flavor and not on me. Hamdan is a very busy place and for them to take care of valet parking – that’s a big relief to all of us.

The quality of food, taste, ambiance, service  are definitely my reasons to come back and recommend this place to others.

Total Review Score of 5****
Ambiance: 5
Price: 5
Service: 5
Taste and Presentation: 5


Contact and Other Details of Lazziz

Phone number

02 6777070
Table booking recommended


Lazeez, Al Markaziya

Average Cost

AED 120 for two people (approx.)
Cash and Cards accepted

Opening hours

12 Noon to 12 Midnight

Behind E-Max, Near National Cinema, Hamdan Street, Al Markaziya, Abu Dhabi

More Info

Home Delivery

No Alcohol Available

Valet Parking Available

Kid Friendly


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