Why I Bought Trollbeads instead of …

Why I bought Trollbeads instead of some other charm bracelet?

First is the quality of its product. The craftsmanship, the authenticity. These are things I consider. A concept developed in 1976 by Svend Nielsen, a Danish silversmith. Using Murano glass, silver, gold and semi precious stone beads among others, you can create pieces that you can wear as bracelets or necklaces .  Their collection now includes rings and earrings.

Second, the uniqueness of each bead attracted  me.

Ancient Palace

Made of Murano glass, each bead is artfully crafted and looks uniquely different from another of the same kind. Collecting the beads will be an experience. I will have a story to tell. It’s like you are investing on something that your children and their children will fondly look at as they remember you.

Lastly, no matter how nice the product is, no matter if it was better than all the rest, if you don’t know what you are selling, you can’t make me buy. I’ve seen beads, charms and trinkets of all kinds when I pass my time in the malls. Some were lovely, cute or charming and then it ends there. My interest gets lost when I visit a store and the staff seems too busy to be bothered by someone who might want to buy. Ironic isn’t it?

I met this lovely lady Joanne who manned the Trollbeads at IBN Battuta Mall. I bet she could sense that my husband and I were just passing time and was leisurely strolling at the mall.  She started engaging us with what those beads meant and how you can actually create a story when you collect the beads. I wasn’t really listening much on how she was selling the products and how it differed with other charms and beads being sold by the other brands in the market. I was paying more attention on how passionately  she talked about each glass and silver bead, and how they differ from the others we were looking at.

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You get the feeling that you were not just buying a piece of bead, you were buying something you can relate to, a treasure. And here is a girl who was sharing to us how much she adores the product, she knows each by heart!  Joanne wasn’t rushing us at all, she wasn’t convincing me to buy. She was telling me a story. So tell me what would be a better way to convince me. I wish I’d meet more Joannes but then again..no hahaha, I’ll end up going home with an empty purse. Or husband will end up without a purse. By the way he got me the Trollbeads Starter Sterling Silver bracelet and I just added the beads that we both selected as part of our story.

Disclaimer: This is an unpaid blog. I bought the product on my own. I do not know anybody from Trollbeads or  any of its store and staff.