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I had the pleasure of being invited to India Palace’s launching of the Khansama MasterChef Delicacy which is being offered for a limited time. This branch is located at the Mushriff Mall in Abu Dhabi. Approaching the venue, you could sense the grandeur and ambiance fit for royalty. Inside you could see that they have a variety of seating arrangements, some can be used by families looking for privacy, spaces for bigger groups like us, and all had plush comfortable seats plus first class dining utensils. It was as if you suddenly got transported to one of India’s palaces.

Khansama is a traditional term for the Royal Master Chefs working in the palace kitchens. They are the ones who concoct and create dishes that will satisfy royalty and their Kings’ gastronomic desires. As they say with this Khansama menu, you get to dine like the Maharajas did once!

After we were seated in their elegant long table which can almost fit 14, we started off with the Sunheri Jheenga. These tiger Prawns were marinated overnight in Chili, Lemon & Coriander and crispy fried to perfection. With sunheri meaning gold in India, I am more than sure that the chef must have taken great pride in preparing this dish. I find the prawns tasty except that I felt there was a bit more breading than desired.

Sunheri Jheenga

With this special Khansama menu, we are going to taste 5 dishes including the dessert.  Next on the list is the Kasturi Murgh. Chicken kebabs marinated in Fenugreek & Black pepper and coated with Saffron, and Cardamom  flavored egg. I liked it a lot. It was well cooked without being gummy, it is juicy and very tasty. Do you know that Cardamom is one of the three most expensive spices in the whole world?

Kasturi Murgh


why don’t you try this piece?

Shahi Zaffrani Murgh came next and this is a dish made of chicken breast stuffed with Chicken keema, Cheese, Pistachio, Almond, Saffron with a rich pan seared Shahi gravy. The gravy is just so full of flavor. It lingers on the mouth and though you are already full, there’s this feeling that you can’t just stop. I ended up eating a lot of the Naan because of the sauce of this delicious dish.

Shahi Zaffrani Murgh

As we waited for the main dish, some of us ventured into a corner where there was a live Bangle making demonstration. Such unique craft. It was absolutely enthralling.

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The star of the show now arrives – the Sultan-e-Gosht.  This IS a meat lover’s delight. Biryani with juicy on the bone mutton falling off prepared the traditional way and served with yogurt on fragrant basmati rice. Really fit for a royal’s palate. You could almost taste each morsel of the mutton flavored to perfection.



yogurt for the biryani

To quench our thirst and to clean our palate we were served with these refreshingly tasty Squeezed Lemonade drinks in Strawberry, Mango, & Classic Lemon. I think I had one of each.


After we finished the meal, as if we still have space in our stomach, we waited for the last special offering – the dessert. And as the waiters were preparing the elaborate concoction, I left our table and hijacked an interview with THE MAN – Mr. Guneet Singh Bindra, India Palace’s Corporate Executive Chef.

Thinking about how passionate is with his work and craft, I asked “When did you realize that you wanted to be a Chef?” and here is his response : As early as 8 years of age, I knew in my heart that I wanted to be a chef.  Too bad we didn’t have much time for me to ask how he knew it. So I promised myself I’ll come back for the food and get to know more.

To know more about Chef Guneet, please click on this link THE INTERVIEW WITH CHEF GUNEET.  

And to end the meal, we tried the Shahi Tukda. These are heavenly bread squares flavored with Saffron & Rosewater layered on a bed of decadent Rabri. Isn’t it such a classic? Rosewater on dessert is like eating the highest quality of caviar.

Shahi Tukda


can you almost taste this just by looking at how it is?

All in all this was a very delightful evening, perfect ambiance, great food, good company of fellow bloggers, what else can I ask for? Thank you India Palace and Yardstick Marketing for making this possible. Excellent work.



Here is a short clip of our India Palace dining experience.


To know more about Chef Guneet, please click on this link THE INTERVIEW WITH CHEF GUNEET.  

Ratings: With the careful preparation of the menu and meals, the price of each meal  is very much worth it. The ambiance and the total package will be the main reason why I highly recommend India Palace.

Total of 5

Service: 5

Ambiance: 5

Taste and Presentation: 5

Price: 5

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Level 3, Mushrif Mall, Al Mushrif, Abu Dhabi

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