How to Cost Effectively Review Beauty Products

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Now that I have ventured into Product Reviews for Beauty, Health and Lifestyle, I must say that the cost in reviewing stuff has added to my expenditures and it ain’t cheap. But then there are ways that you can control your cash flow. People review products for many reasons.  I for one (aside from being a blogger) enjoy writing about the things I’ve tried and sharing it to friends, family and YOU as much as I can. What do I get from my reviews? Nothing 🙂 Well of course there are product samples here and there, food tasting invites, discounts and the occasional freebies, but mainly it’s the joy that I get when people I’ve shared reviews with email me or sends me messages about how much they liked the products that I recommended. FACT: I don’t write to get paid. There you go.

shoppingSo for now I would like to share with you my most recent discovery. Well I have heard about it before but never really bothered or rather didn’t have the time to check it out. Perhaps I didn’t see the need for it back then. I would usually buy whatever I fancied at the shopping center, ending up with a lot of unfinished products, loads of them, either shade too dark for me, colors don’t really suit me after let’s say a couple of hours on my lips and many many more reasons.

Bottom line : Wasted Products = Wasted Money.

GlamBox Middle East started in 2012. You get to receive a box monthly containing sample products of what’s new, what’s good when it comes to makeup, nail and hair trends and of course – skin care. Some of the items in the box are trial sizes and some are even regular sizes. It’s one great way to try these things, learn about it and making an educated decision before making any actual purchase.  Subscribing is easy peasy.  Go to GlamBox and check out their page. As of publishing time, they have an offer of 30% OFF if you subscribe for 12months by using PROMO CODE 12MONTHSpromo.jpgThey also have this Early Bird offer using CODE : 64LESS costing you only AED350. Still a huge savings I must say. See, you don’t need to sell a kidney!

glambox for her

A 12 month subscription normally costs you AED90. With  the 12MONTHS offer you pay something like AED65.  Whatever is inside the box definitely costs more than the amount you pay per month.  Just imagine, Glam Box is in partnership / collaboration with about 200 brands. They have according to their site – * everything from high-end (Givenchy, Nuxe, and Bioderma), to cult(L’Occitane and Caudalie), emerging names (Caprice, GOSH and Dermalogica) and mainstream favorites (L’oreal and Maybelline). (This remains to be seen as I am yet on my first box.)

The steps to subscribe are plain and easy. They also have the newly launched Glam Box for Him** so it’s up to you if you want it for yourself, for somebody else as a gift, your choice.  I got a different offer when I subscribed last month. Mine was LAST50 meaning 50% OFF – Yey!  So if you think this is for you then SUBSCRIBE NOW as the offer changes and what seems to be a good offer now may be gone before you decide to click subscribe . Make sure you sign in and create your profile.

Ok let’s subscribe now; here are the steps. Ready?

1. select preferred subscription 3-6-12 months
2. don’t forget to apply the code
3. complete your details
5. order confirmation

And then you are done.

**GlamBox For Him was launched in May 2017 offering subscribers a premium box with 4+ sample grooming products delivered straight to your doorstep, 4 times a year. For an amazing price, subscribers receive a gorgeous box with 4+ curated sample beauty products each month – delivered right to their doorsteps.

***featured image courtesy of depositphotos / katyaulitina; other images credit to the owners.