The Effects of Aromatherapy on Health

aromatherapyAromatherapy has been around for more than a thousand years. Considered as a form of alternative medicine, it uses essential oils derived from volatile plant materials to influence a person’s well being. It can even alter a sick person’s mood and make them feel better.

Although Aromatherapy still lacks scientific studies to prove its effects on illness, it has been practiced by our forefathers and is now making a revival. From bacterial to boils to hair loss, aromatherapy attempts to provide us an answer. The tea tree oil is one essential oil which is famous for treating acne; it also claims to treat skin allergies whether it is fungal or viral in nature. As early as 1910, there appears to be a documented claim that lavender oil, another essential oil had been used as treatment for a badly burned hand by a French chemist. It is actually in 1928 that he coined the word aromatherapy meaning – smell – therapy.

Essential oils are created by mashing or macerating the dried plant material, fatty oil is added and it is heated afterwards and filtered for smoother consistency. During World War II, some French doctors had used essential oils for wounded soldiers. Mostly, aromatherapy is used in three different manners. Aerial diffusion is used for room fragrance to influence a mood. Direct inhalation is also used for direct relief of asthma, nasal decongestion, and cough relief. Another way to use aromatherapy is for topical applications. It can be added to base oil for massage, as fragrance to a bath oil, and skin care.

Aromatherapy treats diseases and illness by utilizing the benefits of essential oils. A lot of people believe that it is good to use essential oils to cure pain, hair loss, itchiness, depression, and even anxiety due to its being all natural. We say believe due to lack of scientific studies but many aromatherapist and aficionados actually swear by it. The oils produce an aroma which enters the body through the olfactory system. This will have a direct effect to her person who smelled it. Many hospitals and nursing home nowadays use aromatherapy like oil of neroli to cheer up cancer patients; the smell of orange makes the feel better and a lot chirpier as compared to those who were placed in a room without aromatherapy oil.

egyptianThe health benefits of using aromatherapy have also been observed even as early as the Egyptian times. Though initially disregarded as part of an old wives tales and some even labeled the science as purely hearsay, researchers are now paying more attention and discovering the effects and benefits of using aromatherapy as an alternative safe medicine.

The ff. are just some of the illnesses that aromatherapy can cure or cause relief: Anxiety , Depression, Vertigo, Urinary tract infections, Dermatitis , Irritability, Fatigue, Arthritis, Chickenpox , Allergies , Herpes , Headaches and earaches , Panic attacks , Dermatitis , Stress , Cancer Flatulence , Laryngitis

Ready made oils as well as bath gels and other products relying on the science of aromatherapy  can now be purchased through specialty stores around the world.  Body Shop for one carries several lines encouraging us to indulge in our senses. Bath and Body Works also carry Massage Oils that are infused with Lavender, and or Eucalyptus Oils. These are just some of my favorites; there’s also Crabtree and Evelyn London,  Good Health Nutrition Center also carry a lot of holistic range of products and there are plenty more of other shops out there.

Popular choices for aromatherapy essential oils are lavender to infuse sleep, lemon oil to keep you awake especially if planning a long drive, tea tree for pimples and rashes, orange scent to cheer you up and eucalyptus oil for cough relief. Think about it, whatever kind of illness ails you, aside from the medicine that doctors recommend; it doesn’t hurt to try alternative medicine like Aromatherapy.

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