Cantina Laredo Abu Dhabi

I’ve noticed that whenever one goes shopping, you tend to forget hunger pangs. And before you know it, you’re off to eat anything available. Well, not me. I am still quite picky even if I am already hungry. My basic reasoning is – I am already famished and why would I not make an effort to ensure that whatever I eat should please me visually and of course gastronomically. But then again, I wouldn’t mind checking out a new place, the experimental side of me takes over even during these times.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw the signage of Cantina Laredo. It is on the second floor of the Khalidiya Mall. The location is just beside the toilet / lavatory.  One thing negative is it’s beside the loo but since most of the places to eat in this mall do not have their own toilets, then now it turns to be a positive being just right beside it.


Though it was already half an hour before closing time, we were welcomed nicely by these lovely Mexican inspired clad ladies in the color of the UAE flag (one smiling lady in the photo) and led to a comfy couch. We were a group of three adults and a baby. One of my pet peeves when dining is being served by a grumpy waitress because it is almost the closing time. Well I can’t blame them but it should not be the case. You do great customer service no matter what day and time it is and even if no one is looking. Same thing like integrity. But here in Cantina Laredo, it was far from that scenario. The people welcomed us, from the server to the manager who dropped by our table and asked us how we liked the food. I guess since there was no one else aside from our group (closing time) then he had the time to check us out. I’ll tell you more about his visit to our table in a while.


We ordered what our server suggested, Fiesta Grill which is a shareable mix of shrimps, lamb chop, quail, beef and chicken fajitas in a sizzling skillet. I wasn’t very happy about eating quail but Royen our server happily offered to change it to chicken. That’s a plus for me. The option to at least choose or be offered an alternative even if it’s a set item. In a few minutes we finished it off! The meat was perfectly grilled and everything had complimented the flavours.

For drinks we had the “Mocktails” and since I had acquired a happy mood from the time we were welcomed, I felt I wanted to order a Margarita Mocktail. It was huge and chilled perfectly. i should try the others next time! One of us also ordered Lemonade mixed with some fresh mint.


We also had some rib eye which was superb, juicy, tender and not bloody at all. I forgot the names of the rest of what we ordered but I am sure that I could easily remember it once I see their menu.


While we were eating, Royen our server had enquired on how we loved the food and etc. Then he introduced his manager Elmer who came over and made our dining experience more interesting. Apparently Cantino Laredo has been in Khalidiya Mall for 9 years already, wow it must be pretty stable and I admitted that this was the first time we entered their establishment. I had commented that it looked a  little bit boring from the outside. Elmer happily announced that in probably a couple of months they will have newer signages and furnitures. Well that is something to look forward to. Elmer had worked from the ranks – this is the story that I am interested with. From dishwasher to Manager. And I bet he deserves it. He knows how to take care of his staff and customers. For a person to stay 9 years with a company, then it must mean it’s worth staying with. Now what do you think would make the evening better? As we were finishing our meal, their Operations head Mr. Mohamed Abdelnabi walks in to check the outlet before the evening ends. He seems to be well liked by the staff and what do you know, in a few minutes he was at our table to say hi and to ask about our meal and experience. Mr. Abdelnabi had worked from the ranks as well. So our evening ended happily in this happy place.


Total of 5

Service: 5

Ambiance: 5

Taste: 5

Cost: 5 we used an entertainer voucher 🙂

Contact Details:

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Level 1, Khalidiyah Mall, Al Khalidiya, Abu Dhabi



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