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I had been invited to try Pinza which is located inside the Mushrif Park or what is now called Umm Al Emarat Park .  Upon entering the park, you get this feeling of calmness and joy from the overall ambiance. It is indeed wonderful specially in the evening. Pinza is at the left side part of the park after the entrance. You won’t really get lost as there’s another resto beside it so I would presume that part of the park is intended for the food establishments.


When we arrived at Pinza, the place was actually very quiet. It was just us (me and companions) from the time we arrived till we finished dining after an hour. Not a very busy day I think specially that it’s a Friday. The place is clean, spacious, well lighted and decorated with artificial plants on the wall. Giving the impression of clean and green. It actually reminds me of a school dining hall  where you have longish table and benches.

First thought about Pinza is that it’s a Pizza but then it’s not supposed to be a Pizza nor a Flatbread… For me, it actually IS a cross between the two with the concept of providing something healthy to foodies.  So yes you may call it gourmet as it’s not the usual kind of dough. As claimed, it’s dough is made with  80% water and 20% flour (rice, soy, wheat, naturally dried sourdough & fiber) and goes through a 48 hour fermentation process. This plus the fact that there are no fats added ensures you get a crunchy base all through out.


They have the usual pizza flavors like Margherita, Formaggio, Montouri and some more PLUS Nutella with Banana, Tandoori Chicken, a Pinzafied Margherita, etc. It’s your choice if you wanted Meat, Vegan or Vegetarian. We ordered the Totally Twisted which had Tomato Sauce , Gorgonzola and Mozzarella Cheese and Wagyu Sausage among other ususal ingredients. Another order for Formaggio was made and it’s with Pecorino & Mozzarella Cheeses plus some spices.

Totally Twisted
Fresh Ingredients

The Totally Twisted Pinza tasted fine as well as the Formaggio. There was something lacking in the taste but maybe because it was none fat so I am missing the usual flavors coming from the typical pizza flavors. Yeah I know this is not a pizza but yes the toppings and the expected flavor are almost similar. The dough is perfect. Light and crunchy.

For drinks, they have choices of water, Coke products as well as bottled flavored teas. I rather prefer or suggest that they have fresh lemonade or iced tea as the bottled flavored teas were bland and lacking in taste.


Although there was nobody except us, the staff were too busy so it must mean they have a lot of orders for delivery or pickup. From time to time their staff Sumaya managed to tell me more about Pinza and the concept behind it. One thing I noticed though was that they didn’t have plates or paper plates at least so I was actually confused if we were supposed to eat from the Pinza board directly.

Total bill was at 125DHS plus 20DHS for the entrance* to the park. Hmm, was it worth it? Well at least we ate something healthy and tried something new plus visiting the park was an added bonus.

*To get into Pinza you have to enter the Umm Al Emarat Park and that means paying 5DHS for every person entering who wants to enjoy this unique concept. Well for some, it’s just ok since Umm Al Emarat Park is a very beautiful and nice park for families and friends. However, those who would just like to eat from Pinza will either have to justify the 5DHS per head entrance on top of what they are going to eat inside. But then you might as well consider ordering it online which I saw was on at 50% off. Nevertheless, do try the numerous healthy offerings from their menu. They also have branches in Dubai.

*This is an unpaid review. The author would just like to share the experience.

Rating: Total 3.0

Ambiance : 3.5

Taste: 2.5

Price: 2.5

Service: 3.5  thank you Sumaya for attending to us. Total customer service is ok but can be improved a lot better.


Inside Mushrif Park, Al Mushrif, Abu Dhabi

Opening hours

11 AM to 9:30 PM

Phone number

04 5515582

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