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Rating: Total of 4.5

Ambiance: 4.5

Cost: 4.0

Presentation: 5

Taste: 4.5

Service: 4.5

We recently had the opportunity to dine at Mosaic upon the invitation of Maheen and Kaby of Mahiblog and of course the owners of Mosaic.  I haven’t been to this place before and all I knew was that it is a Lebanese Restaurant. Mosaic is located at the Embassies district and it’s exactly at the ground floor of the Guardian Towers..

I asked my husband to come with me and we were pleased to see that this is one place where you don’t need to go inside a mall to get decent food.  Upon arriving, parking was easy and all you have to do is get off your car and there it is – Mosaic.


I wasn’t expecting anything grand when we accepted the invitation. I thought probably I’d smell like a kebab post dinner as some restaurants do quite have poor exhaust. Surprise surprises! When we came in, none of the expected smoke from the grilled meats and I believe smell should remain on the food and not stick to the people inside the place.

Mosaic actually looked posh and hip. I liked how it was designed and decorated with class. Plush seats, nice kitchen set up, well lighted, and I’m such a sucker for comfortable places. Now this is a place where you can easily say fine dining with very good prices.



Let’s check out the food then. My idea of a Lebanese restaurant is very basic. – Grilled meats like Kebab and Lamb chops. That’s it. So checking out the menu – Oh! they have a lot of varieties of food to offer.

We started with the Cold Mezzeh, an assortment of freshly prepared Hummus, Tabbouleh, Baba Ganoush, warm bread, Fatoush which is a mix of greens like fresh lettuce, thymes, tomatoes and many more topped with sumac and the delectable pomegranate syrup.

Then Hot Mezzeh or Hot Appetizers was served.  I absolutely loved the Cheese Rolls. It’s filled with mixed cheeses and some parsley. Anybody who knows me personally will tell you how much I love cheeses and for me this is a very good starter to induce your gustatory cravings.  The cheese roll was not at all salty. Just exactly as you would wish it to be. Then Makanik was served as well as Hummus with Meat. Another favorite came which is the Batata Hara, a sumptuous serving of potatoes roasted with generous amount of garlic and some spices. I can just eat this Batata Hara all day. Lastly for the hot mezzeh they served this Fateh Badin Jan which is a mix of eggplant and some sauces with yogurt and  pine seeds.

fateh badin jan
batata harra

There were a variety of drinks offered from the freshly squeezed Orange Juices, Mango, lemonade and pineapple and I got myself the watermelon drink, ahh so refreshing and tasty. Such a great mix with all the Lebanese delight in front of me.

watermelon drink

Now for the main course, I am a choosy person, I want my meat grilled and not burned. I have eaten in some places where the charcoal actually stuck to the food either because it was grilled with too much fire or they tried to hurry the process of cooking. But let me tell you, you won’t make a mistake when you order Mosaic’s Kabab Laham, juicy, tasty and tender. We also had the lamb ribs, sheesh tawok, the meat tikka as well as this fresh lamb meat cooked in yogurt.

And for dessert, we tried the rice pudding, am not a very big fan of rice puddings but this one surprised me. I liked that it was served with ice cream.  Mosaic have a variety of ice cream flavors on hand.

rice pudding with ice cream
ice cream
ice cream

All in all it was a great dining experience, eating great food, mingling with new friends, meeting the people behind Mahiblog as well as getting to know the lady chef and the owner of Mosaic. And on top of it, excellent service by the knowledgeable staff of Mosaic. We will certainly come back soon and I can’t wait to bring family over so they would also experience the utmost when it comes to Lebanese food.

~ END ~

Note:  This meal was courtesy of an invitation to try Mosaic. BUT I can assure you that what I wrote about is what I tasted and seen. I am under no obligation from my host to write a good or nice review. What I see is what you get. 🙂
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Guardian Towers, Near Dubai Islamic Bank and Spinneys, Embassies District, Abu Dhabi

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02 3048139

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