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It has been quite a while that I had been invited by the charming Sherihan Ali to try what Rolls N Rice have to Offer. Had been about to travel when I visited with my hubby and sister hence the late posting of the verdict.
So we plopped in unannounced at their Al Nahyan Branch. Checked out the ambiance and started perusing the menu. Little did I know that we’ll chance on Sherihan reviewing some stuff at one corner. She gracefully welcomed us and introduced Rolls N Rice unique concept and offerings.
Rolls N Rice took into consideration serving food that are personal to them, food that most if not all has come to know and love since they were children. Mostly these food or dishes had been introduced by friends and their families who came to the UAE from all over and some using age old and tried recipes. Considering the diverse nationalities that have thrived and been ingrained in Abu Dhabi’s culture, I must say it’s quite a lot.

First things first – I love the ambiance.

Looking from the busy street outside, I didn’t expect to find this place a bit cozy.  You can actually relax and forget about business and work for a moment. The place which is open from 10AM- 11PM  is actually near business establishments so if you can’t drop by, then you can certainly give them a call to deliver whatever you fancy. They also have a place to dine outside if the weather permits.
Now it’s time to check the menu. There are some things that I usually look for in a menu. One is variety, second is how the food looks like and lastly – OPTIONS. I like it that their menu gives you option to chose from half or full servings of some of the dishes and also you can customize the sidings that go with certain dishes. So if you are not in the mood to take Mashed Potato for the steaks, you can have saffron rice, or french fries  as you wish.
I observed that they have a variety of specials, like in this case (January) they were celebrating Australia Day from the 22-28th. I decided to order “Parmesan Surf & Turf’ from the land down under. Mind you, the servings were actually good enough for a couple to finish. I ordered my meat medium rare. I liked that the meat was cooked without being overdone and it was not bloody as well. It was just a bit salty – I guess because of the Parmesan and the fact that I added some salt before I ate. By the way it was on offer at almost 26% off!
My sister wanted to try the “Pomegranate Lamb Chop” and so we did. It was just the right blend of tangy flavor from the pomegranate mixed perfectly with the juicy lamb chops and we finished the order with Oreo Chocolate Milkshake which I thought was good enough for dessert. We also ordered Cranberry Orange Iced Tea to quench our thirst for this particular hot day.
Our sumptuous meal!
Pomegrenate Lamb Chops
Juicy and tasty – and NOT bloody.
Parmesan Surf and Turf
Who doesn’t love mashed potato?
Cranberry Orange Iced Tea – so refreshing
Oreo Cheesecake Shake – such a delight!
If you noticed I order randomly. I do not plan what I eat but rather I order the first thing that catches my eye and for this instance it’s the main meal for today. Then I go ahead and look for everything that will go well with it.  Now for starters I chose Tempura Prawn.  I thought the Prawn Tempuras will be similar to the breaded one that they usually serve at Japanese joints but then I actually liked it this way – just the right amount of batter and more of the prawns. And for the veggies – a full order of the Apple Walnut Salad to share. It came with a yogurty mix dressing of some sort. I hope they also have a lightweight dressing like a simple vinaigrette but then I actually forgot to ask if there was.
Though this restaurant offer dishes from all over the world, they also have Arabic influenced dishes like Zaatar Chicken, Chicken Laban among others. Their signature meals include Moroccan Meatballs, Iranian Torsh and Chelo Kebab, Indian Chicken Pilaf, Thai Green Curry, Egyptian Kushari and Japanese Teriyaki. They also serve sandwhiches and wraps.  These are all priced modestly between 32-45 DHS and considering the servings, well you certainly get your worth of money.

As much as we thought we were already full to the brim, I must admit that I can’t resist dessert. The carrot cake they served is one of the best that I have tasted. Just enough sweetness, moist, tasty, it was perfect. I hate desserts which are oozing with sweetness that I feel as if I am already drowning in it. This is just perfect I repeat. We also tried their gluten free Nutella cake and my sister loved it but I prefer the carrot cake 🙂


Gluten Free Cake
For February, they are celebrating The Taste of Japan and their menu will include the Traditional Miso Soup, Shrimp Kakiage and Chicken Yakitori among others.
I will surely come back and I’m interested to try that Spicy Fish With Saffron Rice & Garden among others.
Note:  This meal was courtesy of an invitation to try what Rolls n Rice have to offer. BUT I am under no obligation from my host to write a good or nice review. They welcome feedback to help improve service and the total experience. I write what I tasted and observed. What I see is what you get. 🙂
Contact details of Rolls N Rice
Address: Tower Y, Near Al Mamoura Building, Muroor Road, Al Nahyan, Abu Dhabi
Phone Number 02 4182504

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*This is an unpaid and unsolicited review. The author would just like to share the experience.

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