Amazing Switzerland : Visit to Lucerne and Engelberg

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On my hubby’s birthday, it was so difficult to keep my surprise a secret. I was so worked up myself from the time I decided on what it’s going to be. The nearer the day came, the nearer I was to blurting it out. See he’s not the type who frequents malls (well of course unless he’s been dragged by yours truly against his wishes… but then he gives in 99.9 percent so you know the rest 🙂

I researched about places to see and go and of course budget would have to be one of the primary concern, and then secondary is the practicality of where we are going at. I am so sure by this time that he enjoyed the trip so much. Check out Viator for their numerous trip suggestions. There are also other sites promoting trips but I am already satisfied by what I got.

We started early and went to catch the bus that will bring us to the train station. We met the group at an appointed place near Starbucks and confirmed our attendance for the trip. I have selected the Trip to Lucerne and Engelberg. These are places that we probably won’t reach if we do it ourselves. Granting that public transport in Switzerland is easy due to the well coordinated timings of the trains and buses, with just a couple of days to spare, it will be best to go on a tour for now.

Lucerne is considered the gateway to central Switzerland. You will find a lot of attractions in Lucerne like watch and souvenir shops, Lake Lucerne, and great countryside view along the way. From Lucerne you can also plan for a trip to Rigi, Pilatus and Stanserhorn.




After our short but nice trip to Lucerne we proceeded to Engelberg.  The air you breathe once you reach Engelberg is simply amazing. You feel as if you are literally having new set of lungs. I’m not exaggerating, it is! And if you are looking for scenery of such unspoilt nature, THIS IS IT. Everything is breathtaking. The snow on the mountain scape makes you dreamy and feel like you are in some faraway fairy land. Too bad we didn’t join the Trip to Titlis which has an elevation of 3,020 meters and the 150 steps to the Titlis Cliff Walk which is considered to be Europe’s highest hanging bridge. But then just looking at the site and knowing that we weren’t far from these wonders was enough for us.


Our tour guide Peter is a very well informed gentleman and he entertained us with great information on the places that we were visiting. He made sure everyone was on time to prevent delays as well as to maximize the trip. Before we knew it, we were back in Zurich just in time for dinner.

I hope you enjoyed the photos of our trip. Enjoy!