The Terrace on the Corniche Abu Dhabi

We tried the Iftar after reading so much reviews on The Terrace on the Corniche.  Actually we got a bit confused with quite a number of restaurants with the word Terrace on it. However it seems this is one of the best, at The St.Regis in Corniche.   Upon entering the place, you will instantly feel relaxed and picture perfect as you see the wide staircase of St.Regis.   I find The Terrace on the Corniche  to be very cozy and with the plush chairs, you can’t help but linger and relax as you eat.  The food attendants are very pleasant and courteous. Always smiling whenever you ask them for something and they always clean up the tables when they see you finish with some dishes.

Here are some of the photos I took ; well nowadays good food comes with good photos taken 🙂

Though I am not so fond of all Middle Eastern food,  however being Iftar we expected the place to have majority of this dishes. But then I was not disappointed as they had a variety of other International fares that I could enjoy. I love the beef and other meat dishes plus the fruit and salad bars are a plenty.  We actually gorged on the gorgeous desserts on display and ended up quite full. This is one place that you surely must go to if you want to enjoy what you are eating, a relaxed comfy atmosphere, classic and clean interiors, and but of course – good selection of food.

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