Me, Mom and the Fish

My mom is a funny woman. She tends to forget I’m already an adult (I’m a mom already who has a family) and that YES I know how to cook. ☺

As I was buying some stuff at the market, I saw a familiar fish I seem to recognise, but living in another country, I’m not so sure if it’s what I think it is.

Me: ma what is this fish called? (Sending her the photo by Viber)

20160324_114246Ma: oh it’s the “latab”. Your uncle said it’s a good one, quite expensive but it would be great with sour soup which you favor.

Normally the story should have ended there …..
But being my mom, she proceeded to tell me more and more…

Me: oh ok thanks Ma. Yes i think this is what we eat sometimes during Holy Week when we avoid eating red meat.
Ma: yes. Chop some onions and tomato and Saute then bring to boil before you drop in the fish.
Me: yes ma.. (wondering that she seems to have forgotten that yes I can cook ☺)
Ma: and yes make sure you clean the fish thoroughly. .remove the scales..
Me: yes ma..
Ma: the intestines..remove them and the gills and the…..
Me: yes ma.. (I wanted to say I know what to do with the fish and that I have been cooking for a looong time now)

Oh I really have a unique mom..but I love her so much ☺