Why does an Emirati Man Give His Full Support To Duterte

Facebook is really a good source of information about what’s happening around you. We got wind of a free t-shirt printing activity in Al Ain, Abu Dhabi in support of Philippine Presidential candidate Mayor Rodrigo Duterte so off we went. My husband and I left Abu Dhabi city early morning of April 1 2016 to participate and check out the activity which was held at the Jahli Park in Al Ain.


People (Filipinos and non-Filipinos) from all over the United Arab Emirates gathered in this day long activity. It was a festive atmosphere when we arrived. Despite the heat and the long lines, people were busy taking photos of Duterte streamers and sharing whatever goodies they have cooked from home. If only most sorties are like this, clean, violence free, an atmosphere of friendship and unity can be visible seen all through the place. The OFW Global Movement  United Arab Emirates organised the event along with other groups in support of Mayor Digong.

The OFWs and Filipinos in the UAE majority supports Presidential bet Mayor Rodrigo Duterte of Davao as you can see in one of the videos posted in Facebook. And mind you this video support was as early as mid of 2015.



Definitely even amongst the most peaceful rally or sortie you will find some glitches. Bickering at who lined first and who arrived last etc etc etc. Acting like kids who did not get a candy during the party. And so the list of bickering about whatnots went on. But all this were in a friendly fashion. No real conflict that can’t be solved by laughter and jokes.

However, I got curious with this tall man who was busily placating people, asking them to have patience, and telling them that everyone will get the t-shirts they came for. So my curiosity got the better of me and I sauntered approaching this man to ask him why he was there. It is of course a Filipino activity due to the coming May 2016 election and he is obviously not one of us.

He spoke to me in the vernacular “Tagalog” / Filipino language. He is fluent and was accommodating when I said I want to know why you are here and I want to write why. I introduced myself and told him that I write blogs/articles and if he will be willing to share his story with me then I will be more than happy to share it with others to enlighten them why he – a foreign man in his foreign land – is sweating under the sun  amongst us fixing lines of people waiting to get their t-shirts printed.


The people there at the venue calls him ‘Kuya Jack’. Abdulrahman Saif Bin Zayed is an Emirati who roots for Mayor Digong.  What follows is my conversation with him. I have written this from a copy of our conversation on my mobile and I tried to catch up with everything that he said. If I missed any, my apologies Mr. Bin Zayed. The original interview was in Filipino but I had translated it into English for the benefit of all.

OFW Global Movement


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newly printed shirts
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line up, line up!

The Interview

Why are you supporting Mayor Duterte?

  • Because I love him as he is an honest man.

Why do you love/like Digong?

  • Duterte has promised to change his country to be a better Philippines. And I know he will make his promise come true, as I have seen in his own city – Davao.
  • On drugs and corruption, I support his advocacy on eliminating them first before everything.
  • He promised to increase the salary of policeman and military so that they will not be interested in corruption and hence will be able to serve the country better.

  • A new logistics centre will be created not just in Manila but also in major cities all over the country. This will help ports and airports function better and one of the effects of this will be lowered cost of fruits and vegetables and other prime commodities.

  • Farmers will be taken cared of, with this the price and production of rice and sugar will increase, restoring Philippines status in the economic world as one of the primary exporters instead of importer.
  • Duterte will make it possible for us Filipinos to enjoy our rights. The right to safely go on with our lives. 

Further he added that, in 20 years, the country has not seen a man like Duterte.  He only attends and supports campaigns for Duterte because unlike other candidates, they will not be able to deliver what they promise with their sweet speeches.

If Duterte wins, how do you see the Philippines before the end of his term?

I see the Philippines to be like the United Arab Emirates. Where there is peace and safety. Where children go to school as they should. And where  drugs, crime and corruption is not acceptable.

Duterte is the man to show that the Philippines can be a country to watch out for.

End of Interview

Friends, the Philippines is our one and only country. Foreigners left and right (and you can see that in YouTube and Facebook interviews) can see what’s wrong with our system and they are campaigning for change to support us. Do we really need them to tell us what we are trying to blindly avoid seeing? We highly appreciate how much they love our country and how much they want us to prosper. Can’t we start the change by ourselves?

Philippines, let us vote wisely. No matter if you support Duterte or not, vote that person because you think and believe he will be the one to lead the change in our country. Change for the better.

For groups not mentioned in the post, kindly just shoot me an email or comment if you want me to include / mention your group in this post. Thank you.


The article has been written free and without monetary exchange whatsoever in support of Mayor Rodrigo Duterte. Mr. Abdulrahman Saif Bin Zayed believes and support Mr. Rodrigo Duterte for Philippine President on his own and free will. His opinion and response to the interview is purely his own and does not represent anybody or the UAE Government and Authority.