Top Reasons Why You Should Come See the Philippines


Come see the Philippines, a place like no other. Philippines is a country in Southeast Asia and boasts of having 7,107 islands. Well in one of the Beauty pageants, one candidate was asked if there were how many islands in the Philippines. She smartly asked – high tide or low tide? To answer this: When it is high tide the Philippines appears to have only 7100 islands. The other 7 islands appear only during low tide.

Recent tourism byline is ‘It’s More Fun in the Philippines’. The country is so diverse that whatever it is that you are looking for, it can be found here. Colonized by the Spaniards, then the Americans afterwards, it resulted to the Philippines getting exposed to various cultures; it became normal to prefer Spanish inspired dishes, to dig hamburgers instead of local foods. Though do not get me wrong, when you come and see the Philippines, you will still find authentic and traditional Filipino dishes and cultural tradition.

The moment you land into Philippine soil, you will surely get a feeling of unmistakable feeling of wellness. Welcome or Mabuhay will be greeting that you will surely get no matter where you are. Known for being hospitable, the Filipinos will make sure that you get comfortable and welcome and that you will never feel out of place. Due to the exposure to various cultures, the Philippines actually cater to fusion food aside from the traditional Filipino fare. When you come and see the Philippines either for business or leisure, you will surely enjoy the country, the food and the hospitality that will be extended to you.

When planning to come and see the Philippines, you will find that there will be a lot of places that you can see that will surely fit your budget. From high end posh resorts to day trips to the local Filipino market, there is surely a place to go and stay. If you love nature and cool windy air, you might want to go and see Tagaytay, Antipolo or Baguio. These are places that overlook the city. The air feels clean and cool; you get to see local places of interest and local foods to enjoy.

If you come and see the Philippines for diving and swimming, the Philippines boasts of pristine white sand and long shores ideal for relaxation and fun. In some of the beaches, abundant marine life can be found which includes the whale shark as well as colorful coral reefs. There are also caves with Underground River that are a popular destination either because of history or due to its unique structure. You can select from any of our wonderful destinations like Cebu, Boracay, Palawan and Puerto Galera. You can found the whale shark or ‘butanding’ in the Bicol region, in quaint town called Donsol. In the Bicol region, you will also find the Mayon Volcano, otherwise known as Mt. Mayon and it is famous for its perfect cone shape.

Aside from the wonderful scenic places that you will find in the Philippines, the country is also a shopping haven. You can find shops for high end brands and even designer clothes in some shops in Makati, the financial district of the Philippines. Food or dishes from different countries can be immediately ordered from most restaurants like Chinese, Japanese, Indian, American and Italian just to name a few.

One last thing to mention is medical tourism. A lot of tourists come and see the Philippines to get medical and dental treatments at an affordable price. The Philippines is also known to have very good schools for doctors and dentists so some foreign students also come here to study. Since almost everything can be found in the Philippines, from nature to business to shopping and medical tourism, now you have more reason to come see the Philippines.