Life – a metaphor on it’s own

LifetitleWhy do we smile when we don’t feel like it? Why do we say yes when it’s no you wanted to say? Why do people we love hurt us the most? Why do people we care for can just take us for granted? Why do we say it’s ok when it never was?

With all my whys unanswered, I can barely fathom what the real meaning of life is. Should it be dependent to who is answering the question? Perhaps I get a logical answer but is it the true meaning of what I look for?

life questionExistence, being, energy, all of this describes life, but then life is also death isn’t it? Life will never have an exact meaning. It is a cycle where one gets to experience birth, growth, learning, tribulations, yearning, disappointment, happiness, sadness, loss and death. It’s a phase where every being will always have to ponder on as nobody knows what life brings. We may all get the images of what we want to happen but nobody can really foretell what happens next.

One can walk in an empty street, find a wallet full of money, will you pick it up and take it? Is it what you call luck or misfortune to another soul? A woman passing by listening to love songs on her iPod suddenly meets a nice man who said hi. Is it now destiny or purely coincidence? There are still countries that follow arranged marriages as culture dictates. Is it obedience and respect that makes one follow or is it fear and uncertainty compelling one to not question it?

It is a strange place where we all exist. Something considered as a norm in another society can be considered taboo in one. How do we manage to co-exist? Maybe not for all but a lot of different races, nations have managed to coexist since time immemorial. We all deal with our issues and we do it in a manner suitable and acceptable to our society.

But is it the right way to live life? Is whatever acceptable to others and society the reason why we go on? What is it really that will make us happy and content?life woman