Bangihan ni Kuya Restaurant Quezon Philippines

Driving through the bypass road of Candelaria Quezon in the South, one should pay close attention as this resto is located amidst field of greens, grazing cow, rustic scenery which can totally catch you off guard.


Our family was fortunate enough to be invited to visit Bangihan ni Kuya during one of our Philippine vacations. So off we went and travelled to Candelaria, Quezon. It was a long uneventful trip and I simply enjoyed watching the great scene unfolding in this part of the South. I feel so refreshed and relaxed even after the long trip as soon as I inhaled fresh air that is common in this part of the region. Unpolluted.


Bangihan ni Kuya. Now for those who do not understand what the name probably means, Bangihan means “Ihawan” or a place to barbecue. The word “bangihan” is not a very familiar word for those who are from Manila but perhaps those who come from the south specially those from Quezon and Batangas can  recognize the word. And of course “Kuya” – it means elder brother or big bro. So there we go, we’ve finally deciphered the unique name of this restaurant.


We reached the place a tad early for lunch so I had time to check the place out and take some photos.



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I must say that the food we had were well prepared and that the seafoods were as fresh as you imagine  and hoped them to be. I am not saying these because we were invited to check out this place. My husband describes me as being a very outspoken  critic specially when I feel or taste that something is wrong from the way a meal has been prepared and cooked.  I cook quite well you see and for me, food must be savoured and enjoyed. I can’t praise a food when it’s good but there are ‘buts’.  It’s either good or bad.


Pricing? Well let’s put it this way. A bit on the upscale but eating good food comes with quality and then with quality comes the price. And really, come on, you won’t be getting this great place with great food at Php50 a meal. Need I say more?



After our sumptuous lunch, we just felt we needed to take some break before heading back to Manila. The wonderful staff pointed us to the “kubo” or hut where we can sit and take some rest. And me? I opted for the native swing, oh I can only exclaim, “What a day!” as I snoozed for a few  minutes. And the kids? Oh they left me alone as they spent the remaining time there taking photos.



Heading back to Manila…let me share this with you.. another splendid view… till next time.


Ambiance: ***** 5 stars
Price : ***.* 3.5 stars
Taste: ****.* 4.5 stars
Service: ***** 5 stars
Cleanliness: ***** 5 stars

Overall Experience : Absolutely amazing

If you liked the review and would be interested to try Bangihan ni Kuya., here are their details.


  • Bypass Road
  • 4323 Candelaria, Philippines

Phone: +63 42 585 8000

P.S. Thinking about the parking space? I bet you can bring in a truckload and won’t need to worry. Bon A Petit.

*This is an unpaid independent personal review. The author just wanted to share the experience.