At the Airport – Minding Not My Own Business

airportThere are plenty of reasons why one goes to the airport. One is to go there when you are going to travel by air, second is you fetch somebody, third is you work there, and maybe last but not the least is – the just because reason.

I’ve sat at airport lounges for weird reasons. My husband was on duty during Christmas and New Years Eve so he felt I’d be lonely staying at home alone. See, we’re expats in this place, the land of dates and honey. And the nearest kin will be 8 hours of flight and that’s in Manila, Philippines.

I guess hubby’s right. I’d better stay here than cry my eyes red and bawl till I no longer have a voice. I’m a terrible person when I cry. I can’t seem to stop that’s it. Yeah airport seems to be a great idea to avoid getting lonesome and bored. People watching is free and you don’t need to spend so much to watch life as it evolves around you. Well compared to leaving me in a mall and shopping. I’d definitely enjoy that but I guess our pockets won’t. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a conscientious shopper. I think a lot of times before buying and I get it usually at the best price.

Ok so back to the Abu Dhabi International Airport. As I sit here at the “Caffe”, not really my choice of food but they have one of the most comfy seats around, people of all ages, size and color passed by. I prepared to set up my laptop to keep me company for the next 6 hours till hubby’s shift ends. Alas, here comes this aged man. Perhaps he’s an American by the way he looks. (clothes) I forgot to mention that wherever I am, I seem to be a magnet for lost people, aged ones, people who pretend they know the way but are just waiting for the right person to ask – i guess you get what I mean.

The old man started to ask me where he can also plug his laptop, then he asked if I can help him with Facebook as it was his grand niece who set up his. He didn’t know how to read the Facebook messages and practically how this social network thingy worked. We started with what he can see in FB, and how he can post then how he can read messages etc. Within an hour he already knew what to do.

He’s a divorcee and was on his way to Nepal to meet up with his ladylove. Oh now do I smell romance here? Hmmm that’s why he wanted to know how to use the Facebook 🙂  The old man was around 72 and the lady he’s meeting up with is 48.  I am not sure if this is bad or good but naturally I got concerned.  I asked him directly if he wasn’t afraid that in the end he’ll regret falling for a woman that young and to boot – one of different culture and language.

I was happy to learn that he has known her for a long time, a woman who was a victim of an abusive relationship and this old man wanted to give her a life that she deserves while he lives. Oh that is very noble of him. Still I couldn’t shake off the ‘what if he is getting victimized’ notion. Well I couldn’t do anything except to pray that all goes well with them.  Yes I know it IS none of my business.

There’s one thing though that he said that made me feel sad for him. His only sibling – a sister – hasn’t spoken with him for the last 50 years. It is sad right? He wishes that she will at least reply to the numerous mails that he had sent over the years by mail. It wasn’t returned to sender, it was completely ignored. I felt like crying seeing him dewy eyed, suppressing bottled tears. But then I didn’t want him to feel that way specially during Holidays so I said to him, why don’t you write her one more time? Maybe this time, just maybe, she will reply.


I said goodbye to him and wished him a Happy Holidays. Andy soon came to fetch me. Yes indeed I know I did something worthwhile while I waited at the airport lounge minding not necessarily my own business.