Are You Ready To Work in the United Arab Emirates?

Last Friday October 16, 2015 I had been to the recently held Abu Dhabi job fair (in cooperation with the Philippine Embassy of Abu Dhabi) held at the Armed Forces Officers Club to accompany some family members. It was very surprising na super dami ng nag aaply mostly naka visit or tourist visa. More than 2000 applicants came lining up in the heat of the sun and mind you they were not just of Philippine nationality. Grabe…as the military will say..overkill!
For those who are already here and you think you will have more leverage finding a job it’s good to source Dubizzle,,,  and also the career section of the company that you want to apply to and also try to apply by leaving your cv – as in “walk in”.
But for those who are still in the Philippines hoping to have a better life by leaving our beloved Pinas, yes you do have a point! Hindi naman totoo ang sinabi ni PNoy na kaya umaalis ang pinoy sa pinas eh dahil gusto nila at hindi dahil walang trabaho..crap! There are ways though on how to go abroad with minimal cost and if United Arab Emirates ang choice nyo, well and good kasi madami  pa opportunities and I find this a safe place as many who have been here can tell you.
Check out pwede nyo dyan makita ang mga work available, at I check nyo din ang status ng companies sa POEA through their website better safe kasi than sorry. Also, applying for work from the Philippines saves you from the heartache and pocket dent that you get when by some misfortune you get “offloaded”.
Some of those whom I met working here in Abu Dhabi only spent a fair amount for processing and medical and that’s it. be wise in choosing, ask if you don’t know. Ask again even if you think you know. So good luck everyone.
Disclaimer: I am not a recruiter ok? And though I have checked most of the companies listed in as active with the POEA website, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t. 🙂
Please feel free to share and Good luck.