Are you a worrywart?


Are you a worrywart? A what?

Worrywart – Merriam-Webster Online
a person who worries too much or who worries about things that are not important.

There are times that we fail to enjoy the moment simply because we worry on things that could go wrong. We dwell on our fear that despite enjoying a delightful moment that ‘what if’ it suddenly goes wrong.

If you keep on looking at the closed door, you will never find the surprises beneath it. What you will always see is the plain old backside of your brown door.  But try to look beyond.. imagine what lies waiting for you when it opens… do you see a pasture of green meadow? a cherry on top of your favorite ice cream? The possibilities are endless.

As you dwell more on what is bothering you or what might bother you, you are creating a problem with your own self. You train your self to focus on the negative instead of focusing on the positive.  Whenever we fall, it’s not how bad the fall is that matters. It’s how we get up after falling. Think about this.

‘Do you stand up because you want to fall again or Do you stand up because you know that no matter how many falls you take, you can always get right back up??’

We are but human, we are afraid at times – at times ok. We can not be afraid all the time because there won’t be any sense living if that is all we do. Fear is paralyzing when you let it take control. We get afraid when we remember bad things that had happened in the past. But it is over. They are just merely thoughts by now. It happened but it is not happening now. And no matter how hard you try, there is really no way you can control things from happening.

But what you can control is the way you handle things. Reinforce your positive feelings, reinforce the feeling of love, reinforce whatever it is that made you laugh. Bask in those moments. Train yourself to do it every time you feel like worrying.  Live your moment and be content in it. One step at a time and before you know it, you will start to enjoy more and more with life and everything that life has to offer, the beauty of it all. Enjoy life’s simple pleasures.  If you want to be happy, then be.

Being happy is a choice, it is a decision you make. When you want to be happy, stop thinking of the ‘buts’, ‘ifs’, and any other condition that controls you. Being happy is being happy no matter what.

Whenever you feel like dwelling on negative thoughts by habit, tell yourself this 10 times – “STOP!  Go away nega thoughts!  I’m busier than you think.”