Blogging, Phlogging, A log


I can just go on and on and say the reasons why I write a blog, do photo blogging and create food blogs.  All these points to one direction – I CELEBRATE LIFE.

Life is such a blessing, you wake up each day and you get a new leash on life as sure as the sun rises in the morning and all worries and problems end just like how the sun sets in the afternoon.  Yes all of us have experienced pain in one form or another, we cried, we blamed people, we fell, but at the end of the day, it’s all about how you see life and what you plan to do with it to make the most of it.

As I celebrate life to the fullest with my family, allow me to share simple one day trips to the more elaborate week or month long travel to different destinations. I can spend a whole day in the busy streets in Divisoria and still not get enough of it. An afternoon in Quiapo to eat Lumpia at the “Globe”, walking around and looking at the thrift shops which sells electronic materials and other China made stuff, or just roaming around in the Mall of Asia is already a day of adventure for me. Feel the air as it blows on your face on the way to Tagaytay, be amazed on the wonders of the structures and architectures of Abu Dhabi, be fascinated with the wonders of Dubai. See them through my eyes, and feel them through my fingers.

When I blog, you also get to read about the things I write. I love to write and some say I write well ehem ehem (coughing) 🙂 I love to take pictures of whatever I fancy, be it a bug, two birds perched on a tree, macro shots of flowers up to the more elaborate façade of a building. I write about how to cook simple dishes and some not so fancy, I want you to taste them too by just looking at the words and photos in it.

I want to do all of these now while I can remember how good life is.  Not when I am too old to write that I will need someone to take a record of what I want to say and share. Now is the time that I get the chance to share stories about life and basically everything that I can think of through my musings, amateur photography and whatnots 🙂

 *image courtesy of Bitstrips app