Shine from Within

At times we all have questions in life, some have answers and others won’t have any at all. ~


What is a doll? Do you like it because it is pretty and discard it after you get tired of it? Or are you one of those who value your doll not just because of it’s beauty but because of the immense joy it has given you? Remember that time when all you can hold on to is your doll or a special toy when you felt alone? And how you felt complete and safe just just because your doll is with you…

I have a short story to tell..

One fine day I saw an old familiar name adding me in my facebook account..I was brought me to tears, tears of grief after finding out what happened to her, and tears of joy thinking that I am so honored that she remembers me and would want to add me in her circle of friends, to be with her, to laugh with her, to reminisce and dream with her.

She is a vibrant young girl in school, the similarity of our name struck me as she is Doll and I am Dell. Doll belongs to the more popular group of girls at school but you won’t really see any airs on her, she’s as natural as all the rest of the girls are.

A few years back, we met again. I hesitated to join the team who will be dancing for the class homecoming. But being the bubbly person as she is, she was able to convince me to just shuffle from left to right and appear as if we were dancing. 🙂 She said, don’t you worry we’ll just stay here at the back and they won’t even notice. Then you hear her warm and earthy laughter.

Most people get drawn to Doll for her transparency, frankness, and warmth. You can even tell her anything on earth and you can be rest assured that you will have a good set of ears listening to you. Initially, one who doesn’t really know her can get intimidated but she can instantly warm up to you and make you feel really welcome and part of the group.

We used to meet up whenever she bought some supplements from my mom for a cancer stricken friend. Doll is also a survivor and she was getting healthier as each day passed. She spends her time finding cure for this unfathomable illness, not just for her but more for friends around her. She is so full of energy, vibrant, always smiling and you can expect the funniest and at times weirdest remark from Doll.

Back to the present..

~ Let it be known that this fine lady is a true friend, one who is an unselfish brave soul who helped and thought of others even during the times that she herself needed one. ~

Now I see my friend’s face thin and showing some signs of her illness, it brought me so much tears. But no, I closed my eyes for a moment and opened it again, I stare at the same photo, nothing has changed yet what I see NOW is the vibrant, funny and caring Doll that we all know. Illness cannot really change how you look like. Your beauty emanates from deep within your soul. Your strength and faith will never waver, trust in Him. You are blessed and love.