The Challenge of Meeting New People, Are You Up To It?

Meeting new people can be very easy for some, and for others it can be scary. handshakeOthers find it easy to meet and be friends with new acquaintances because they are open to the idea of knowing somebody new and along with it sharing information and details about their own lives. There are reasons why we have to meet new people. You go into a new school and you meet new classmates and friends, you also get to meet others when you are into business, transferring to another village, visiting the doctor’s office, all of these and many others are occasions where you are going to meet a new person.

What is the best way to handle jitters on instances like this? First, you need to be calm and scaredopen minded. Bear in mind that you are going to meet somebody new and it is important to maintain a positive outlook. Check your appearance, it helps a lot to maintain a good smile if the occasion calls for it. Respond accordingly to questions and ask intelligent questions to get to know the other person better. Remember not to reveal too much of yourself. There will be plenty of time to get to know each other better but the first day of meeting does not necessarily mean that you have to divulge all the itsy bitsy details of your life.

On meeting new people, you must also observe the other person’s body language and tone of voice. It plays an important part in assessing the other’s reaction towards you. For example, if you are meeting a new customer and the person just keeps on nodding with arms folded across his chest that means that you need to try to communicate more. The person’s body language with folded arms indicates resistance and reservation. If you are talking to a new acquaintance and it started out with a nice conversation and suddenly your new friend keeps quiet, please be mindful and ask if there was something that you might have said to offend the other person.

If you are meeting somebody not by accident but let’s say a scheduled meeting, try to find out more about the person so that you have the upper hand and can control the conversation. It pays to be wise, patient, and sincere and be generally nice. Remember that first impression usually makes an impact and it doesn’t hurt to give a good impression to anybody whom you meet.spongebob