Nuptials or is it Nup-Tie-Alls?

Nuptials : Latin word ‘nuptialis’ pertaining to marriage.

wed ringIt is incredulous to know that in 2011, the average amount spent on a wedding ceremony in the US is $25,000USD. Wow! That is already about Php 1,000,000 Million pesos and it can already buy 3 modest low cost 2 bedroom bungalow in the Philippines. Well I know that’s beside the topic but then again people are spending so much on weddings that I wonder what happens after the wedding? Is it the ‘nup-tie-alls’ situation now? You get tied up with a lot of obligations to pay for the wedding of your dreams if you have spent this much. After a lavish wedding ceremony, it follows suit that people expect you to live a lavish lifestyle. It must be your dream wedding I agree but remember that you actually pay for it in reality.

wed_seaWe see fairy tale weddings happening here and there, weddings that reflect the splendid image of a past bygone era, so lavish that we think there is no more tomorrow. It starts from wearing a wedding gown of pure French lace with more than 4 ft of train, or having the celebration at an island paradise resort with 300 guests, and it can also be a three day wedding celebration. I am not talking about royalty here, some of them are like normal regular 8-5 working yuppies like you and me. In some places, they even have loans to cover wedding cost. Please don’t get me wrong, I am not making fun of people, culture and traditions, this is just an honest observation.

wed loanThere is totally nothing wrong with getting yourself your dream wedding but hey, let’s be realistic. Your wedding day is supposed to be the start of your lives as husband and wife and not as the principal borrower and a co-maker of a loan!

To start right, you need to think first of the main objective why you are going to have these union. Who do you need to be there? Do you need the whole city to witness your celebration and feed thousands or let’s say hundreds of unknown guests? Or do you want to celebrate this joyous event with special friends and love ones? Think of the venue, your garden or a friend’s nice place can also be utilized for the venue. Think of all the things that you can get at a reasonable cost or best if for free when you are planning. Yes culture, religion and family will need to be considered but bear in mind, you are starting your lives, you are going to marry the person of your dreams and would like to start everything right. Planning is the key, don’t forget constant communication with the parties involved and keep your foot on the ground and everything should work fine. Best of luck!

wedding 1