I, Me and Mine

beach3I want to be selfish even for a while; I bet that would be fun,

To just think about me, lie in the sand and bask under the sun

To not think of others’ woes and just have my own time as one may be,

To not think of how I can make it easier for others but to just look after me..


I want time where I can just close my eyes and be blank,

To not frown at times when I can’t be very frank,

I want time where I don’t want to worry how I can make people smile..

Yes, these are things I think of once in a while…


I want time to look forward on things and stuff that makes me smile,

That makes eyes so bright you can see from a mile,

When smiling and laughing can almost bring tears as big as a dime

To look forward on who for a change would think how to make it last for some time…

I should be selfish..even for a short while…