For the time being, a piece of one’s mind…

Most women who have gone through a relationship can probably identify with this: you just feel about to collapse when somebody from the family asks, “Got a new boyfriend?” Or the oldies whispering in one corner during some family reunion, “When is your daughter ever going to settle down?”

Don’t they understand that we need some break despite the fact that we really don’t want to? I think I’m contradicting myself here. Well, maybe I should talk about why I got so confused to the point of murking my idealist belief about man-woman relationships.

The scenario is: we women like to ask our men if they really care, always repeating the question till the poor man is exasperated to the point of avoiding small talk with his partner. The girl hates him shutting up but it was her fault in the first place. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not siding up with our Adams in this world. It’s just like putting ourselves in their shoes. Do we also want some guy to repeatedly ask us if we really love them? Of course not! He’d be deleted from my world in just a couple of weeks.woman cooking

There’s also this man who wanted an ideal partner, and he did have one. The sad thing is – she is not the same as your mother man! Stop comparing how your mom cooks better than your partner. Are you looking for a partner or a cook? He wants it just the way his mom cooks it. Well, maybe we can ask this guy if he wants to get adopted by the girl as he seems to have some fixation about mothering, by then mother and son relationship can be legal. LOL.

am i fatOne friend of mine keeps asking her partner if she’s getting fat. She said, “Oh Babe come on be honest, I’m getting fat right”? He’d always say “No baby you are not.” Now she got mad and said LIAR! Had he told her she was, would the reaction be different? Well it’s for them to know and for us to find out..

Some career women worked their butts till they got what they wanted, some ended up being lonely, yes there they are, right at the top of the ladder. But is everybody happy? Is there someone to share their success, their trophies, and their awards? Is it what they wanted? Others have given up careers, married early, some straight from school. Some ended up happy, settled with blissful married life, others are still saving for divorce and with a country like the Philippines; you better invest on saving for the almighty Annulment.

What happened in between?

Maybe some of us were born sadistic and some are masochists. man shoutingWe sometimes want to see how our man will react if he sees a handsome guy flirting with us, yet we hate it when they get jealous. We end up just hurting each other. Saying bad and hurtful words, giving up those years you shared, forgetting how you once relished the idea of coming home, sharing life together, now we ask, for what? Some would say it doesn’t matter anymore, some would say for the fun of it. You call it fun?

Some female opinion leaders will say that it’s just a matter of time management, knowing what you really want, focus, yes that’s easy for them to say but why don’t you show me how. When they do experience ending up not having what they really wanted, you’ll also see them secretly break down and cry. There’s no point denying our feminism. We should never deny our weaknesses because it is what makes us acknowledge our strengths in life. For me, I always follow my instincts. I seldom do it when in doubt. That for me is the safest gauge in knowing what I really want.

Though, maybe I’m forgetting one more thing. We haven’t asked what fate has in store for us. It’s difficult to answer and predict. Nobody can. So I guess we should all just live life and take each step one at a time while making it sure that we do not step on somebody else’s toes while we live our life to the fullest..smiley thumbs up