On Eating Greens

I think there isn’t one single child on earth who haven’t heard this line; eat your greens, it’s good for your body. As a child, I felt I was going in a trance when I heard those ‘greens’ line. Who want’s to eat vegetables? It’s like eating green leafy plants. gumamela leavesThe kind that you play with to create bubbles by mashing the hibiscus leaves into some water and you can create wonderful bubbles out of the liquid from it.

Whenever my parents insisted on me eating greens, I pretend to be so full that most often I’d end up not having dinner at all. Later on I have developed the art of selective chewing. I can chew and swallow what I want and store the green things within my right cheek.  Wow that took such effort but I managed.

There are actually reasons why a child hesitates to eat vegetables. One famous TV personality life coach said that the introduction of vegetables should be staged with perfect timing and every effort must be made to make it a pleasant experience. But why should we really eat vegetables? What do we get from eating leafy sprouts, and all sorts of greens?

Vegetables are low in fat, we get the feeling of fullness and it aids in maintaining proper weight and it also encourage weight loss.  Aside from that, the fibre content in vegetables helps the digestive system in cleaning our body.

Diets rich in green leafy vegetables had been known to reduce the risk of chronic illnesses. Known as antioxidants, you also have lower chances of getting bowel and lung cancer. Eating vegetables will also provide the essential vitamins and nutrients to keep you in good health.

When you have enough vegetables in your diet, you have a lower chance of developing cardiovascular diseases.  Hardening of the arteries can occur if you eat fatty foods.  Since vegetables are not considered to be fatty, you can also stay away from other heart diseases, Peripheral vascular disease or even getting a stroke.

Tips on How to Increase Your Vegetable Intake  

  • Do not over boil your veggies. Who wants to eat green lumpy things? I guess you won’t want to eat something which looks very unappetizing.
  • Try to cook it in a different way. If you used to eat eggplants boiled, why don’t you try roasting it and add some tomatoes and green mangoes and make it into a salad?
  • You can also mask the veggies and make it into something else.empanadas I like eating “empanadas”. This is a mexican pie with filling mostly made of corn, carrots, green peas, raisins and some varieties are mixed with either ground meat or lean chicken. The crust can be made of cornmeal or flour.  Before you know it, your little one will be asking for more.
  • Try to add vegetables little by little into your meals. You don’t have to buy a sack of broccoli and start feeding your family. Introduce it gradually if you are not yet used to it.
  • Add  green leafy vegetables to different types of fruit sauces like mango or orange and honey. You can also add grapes which are great antioxidants to sweeten the salad. Add some nuts and wanton crisps and voilà! You now have “oriental salad”. Be experimental, be bold, and be creative.


It is recommended to eat at least five portions of vegetables a day. It is best eaten fresh but you can also include frozen, dried and even the tinned variety will do. Studies show that most of those who eat vegetables than meat tend to live healthier and longer. So isn’t it a great reason to start your journey on eating vegetables?