How Freelancing Changed My Life and Work

Elance and Odesk Changed My Life…Big Time!

A lot of things changed when I started to do freelance work at Elance and Odesk at the same time. Both online platform gave me back MY life! I used to work from 6am to 3pm. Though this was very ideal for me, working hours plus about 2 hours minimum of travel time meant that I would have to leave home around 4:30 in the morning to reach work on time and squeeze into some ridiculous long line to catch the MRT or IMG_5141Metro Rail Transit to save time. I smelled of sweat and looked far from ok by the time I reached work. And we are only talking one way at that. I sat on the floor of a public utility vehicle one Christmas season just so I could reach home before midnight! Anyway that’s all behind me now.

I left work and chanced upon a forum on freelancing. I thought this must be some scam where you work and don’t get paid. But then I thought, let me just check and checked forums about what others say about this new online work opportunity. I decided to try and on my 2nd day I already got my 1st project. That project paid me well and from that day, I told myself that here is an opportunity for me and this is something that made me look at life and work in a different light.

I am now on my 16th project from July of this year, I’ve earned more than a thousand dollars, and I received praises on my work. All this validates that I have made the right choice. I now receive invitations to bid and I am able to choose the projects that I want. Yes I did get my share of bad luck – on my first week with Elance, I wrote 25 articles per day for a client who promised to pay after a week, and you will be correct in guessing that she was gone on the 5th day. But hey that can’t stop me. No way.

Now work for me means earning a living at the comfort of my own home, at my pace, doing what I like. I get to spend quality time. I’m able to enjoy vacations with my family, things that I won’t be able to do if I am doing regular work in the office. Freelancing also enabled me to have more confidence in myself and with what I can do. I am happy with how this turned my life around. And I am here to stay for a long time and will always share to others how Elance and Odesk gave me back my life. I want them to have theirs back too.

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As for now, work has a new meaning for me; it’s life + work = balance 🙂

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